STP Network Tokenomics: Extended Token Lock

All STPT tokens held in reserve will be subject to a distribution delay of 6 months

Today, we are very excited to share some more positive news for our token holder community: 100% of our tokens held in Reserve and Team wallets will remain locked for an additional 6 months

There will be ZERO increases in circulating supply during this time!

Why Are We Doing This?

This will add significant stability to our tokeneconomic structure. With a stable token supply and no additional token distributions, we are able to focus 100% of our attention on communicating all the partnerships, product announcements, and milestones we’ve been working tirelessly on over the past few months.

To put an exact numeric impact around this change:

this represents 381,057,692 of STPT tokens which will NOT be distributed until midway through next year—this is equivalent to 58.34% of the current unlocked circulating supply

Original Token Distribution

Original token distribution schedule with January unlock

Updated Token Distribution

Updated token distribution schedule with 6 month delay

Team tokens were originally set to unlock starting June 2019, but we voluntarily opted to keep them locked until Jan 2020. Now, once again, we are delaying the distribution of these tokens an additional 6 months.

We couldn’t be more excited to share this and all our upcoming news with you — stay tuned for more announcements this month. And for now…

We’re putting our tokens where our mouth is

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