Micro Token Offering (MTO)

STP announces a new token offering method utilizing the STPT token

The STP’s Micro Token Offering event has begun! In the first round, there will be 50 participants winning the MovieBloc (MBL) 50% discount purchasing right: $3,000 (for 2), $1,000 (for 5), and $500 (for 43).

MovieBloc (MBL) is a star-project in Korea. The MBL/KRW trading pair has just been launched on Upbit, the largest exchange in Korea that allows fiat currency trading, and surged over 700% on the first day. The MovieBloc project is launched by well-known Korean internet companies KMPlayer and Pandora.TV. Currently, MBL is trading at $0.00411 (07/01/2019) on Gate.io, Upbit, MXC, and BiKi exchanges with great liquidity. This is why STP chose MovieBloc (MBL) as the first Micro Token Offering.

What is a Micro Token Offering?

STPT token holders can participate in a competition for a chance to win unlocked tokens of top-quality projects from the STP ecosystem at significant discounts. Participants use STPT to participate in the MTO — the more STPT they use to participate, the better their chance of winning. All STPT are sent to the MTO pool and will be part of a provably fair process to determine the winners. The handful of winners get access to new project tokens at a 50% discount and all the remaining STPT from the competition will be locked permanently.

Rules for MTO


There are 4 events in total during this MTO period.

Each week, the event will begin on Tuesday 12:00 pm EDT and end on Friday 12:00 pm EDT.

The first event (MovieBloc) will begin on July 2, 12:00 pm EDT.

MTO Pool Address:


Activity Phases:

Phase 1 — Trigger: Buy and transfer STPT to the MTO pool to participate the competition. A minimum of 20 STPT is needed to participate — there is no maximum participation amount, however the multiplier for transaction with more than 200 STPT will be capped at 10.

Phase 2 — Fire: STP team starts the competition, checks the information, and announces both the winners and the total volume of the MTO pool. There will be 50 winners in total winning the right to purchase discounted project tokens. The winning amount is based on their ranking:

Top 1–2: $3,000

Top 3–7: $1,000

Top 8–50: $500

Phase 3 — Boom: Winners can use STPT to buy MBL at a 50% discount to the average trading price over the last 14 days.

Phase 4 — Lock: All STPT Tokens for participating competition and project token purchasing will be permanently locked and the MTO pool resets.


a. The MTO period lasts for 4 weeks; each week there will be a new project that is part of the STP ecosystem.

b. Participants need to hold a certain amount of STPT to participate in the competition.

c. Participants transfer the STPT to the MTO pool from ERC-20 wallet address (DO NOT USE AN EXCHANGE ADDRESS). The minimum amount STPT to participate is 20 STPT. The more STPT submitted, the higher the chance of winning and the amount of award.

(Note: wallet address is the only certificate of contribution, users must use wallet address, otherwise the result is invalid)

d. Our platform will calculate each TXID score based on every TXID transaction number with an encrypted algorithm, and get the final MTO score by multiplying the TXID score by a multiplier determined by the number of STPT included in that TXID. The winning TXIDs will be the ones with the top 50 MTO score. We will publish the list of winners on the STP official website on Sunday 12:00 pm EDT, 2 days after the event closes.

e. The winners can exchange the equivalent value of STPT for MBL at the discounted price by sending that amount of STPT to the MTO pool (a 50% discount to the average trading price of the previous 14 days). Also, those do not win will have their TXID rolled over to the next project competition.


1. The MTO pool is the official designated address for STPT to receive tokens. It will be formally announced when activity starts. The address of the first MTO event (MBL) is: 0x91DA5c430F70Bb3D5A677dAF0da9D6d982d16c86

2. The final MTO score is determined by the number of STPT participated and the TXID score calculated through an encrypted algorithm.

Final MTO Score = Multiplier * (TXID Score)

Multiplier: floor of the number of STPT in the TXID divided by 20

(At least 20 STPT to participate. The multiplier of transactions with more than 200 STPT will be calculated as 10)


3. Every TXID transaction number is a 64-digit hexadecimal string. We convert the hexadecimal string into a set of 16 continuous English letter that contains letter “S”, “T”, and “P” (see table below):


In the converted 64-digit English letter combination:

a. The base TXID point is 1;

b. If any new letter from “S”, “T” or “P” appears, add 2 points;

c. If any new continuous letter combination from “ST”, “TP” or “PT” appears, add 20 points;

d. If any new continuous letter combination from “STP” or “TPT” appears, add 50 points;

e. If new continuous letter combination of “STPT” appears, add 100 points;

f. The points above can be accumulated.

4. The list of winners will be the participants with top 50 MTO score. Participants with the same MTO score will be ranked by their purchasing time.

5. The market price of MBL and STPT takes the average price from CoinMarketCap platform over the prior 14 days as the reference standard.

6. All rights reserved to STP.

How to complete a STPT & MBL MTO transaction?

1. Winners transfer their winning amount of STPT to the MTO pool through the same ERC-20 wallet that they participated in the MTO with.

2. After confirmation, our official staff will transfer MBL to the winners’ wallet address.

*Nothing herein shall constitute or be construed as an offering of securities or as investment advice or investment recommendations by STP or any of its affiliates. STP is not providing any broker-dealer, investment advisory, legal, financial or tax- related service. Potential participants must conduct their own due diligence of any issuer, token or token-based security. You are solely responsible for determining whether any investment, investment strategy, token or token-based security is appropriate for you based on your personal investment objectives, financial circumstances and risk tolerance.

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